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When most people think of ways to slow the aging process their minds usually wander to a variety of types of cosmetic surgery, including wrinkle treatments such as Botox.

The good news is that expensive procedures that come with their share of potential side effects are not the only way to go. To slow down the aging process or to put it another way, to invest in healthy aging, you need to learn more about a substance known as resveratrol.

Resveratrol (pronounced rez-veeri-tral) is an antioxidant that has the potential to slow down the aging process. It has also been shown to help with weight loss and to boost the immune system. But that is not all; this compound has potentially significant anti-inflammatory properties as well as anti-cancer properties. While all of these benefits of resveratrol have not been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt the research findings so far are very promising.

Resveratrol is a type of antibiotic (or in plant speak, a phytoalexin) that is produced by plants and is a kind of defense mechanism. When plants are threatened by fungi or bacteria they synthesize this antibiotic in order to fight back and not become infected.

The same thing occurs when there is injury to the plant or if it is exposed to the radiation from harmful UV rays. The plant provides resistance from whatever is attempting to invade and hurt it. As a result the resveratrol saves the plant from decay or death and the healthy living tissue remains in place.

The anti-aging properties of resveratrol and its effect on longevity have been studied at large and continues to be studied. Much is known about how the compounds that make up resveratrol help the body to age slower. As a supplement resveratrol is best known for its ability to slow down aging in those who take it. It has been concluded that the health benefits of resveratrol reduce the physical signs of aging that make themselves known on our faces and bodies as time goes by. Many people notice a positive change in the condition of their skin after taking resveratrol supplements for a very short period of time.

The antioxidants that resveratrol is composed of help to prevent the formation of wrinkles and also help to get rid of the ones that have already started to develop on the skin. The supplements are also beneficial for scars on the skin as well as blemishes and pigmentations in the skin. Resveratrol can give the skin the natural and healthy glow that is often lost as a person ages.

When an individual reaches their forties this is when the signs of skin aging really begin to make themselves known. How you treated your skin when you were younger and the lifestyle you subscribed to starts to show on your face at this juncture of time.

The hope is Resveratrol can be shown in studies to give you back what time and less than healthy living has taken from you.

The jury is still out on Resveratrol and if it can live up to the claims people have made about it. Certainly it is controversial and its name has been linked to some high profile marketing issues.

But there are also companies out there offering Resveratrol products in a responsible manner and as another alternative to folks who want to look younger then the debate should be welcomed and followed. It’s a topic I’ll continue to follow and provide updates.


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