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Are you the type of person who enjoys bending the rules to the point where they break? Yes? No? Perhaps, sometimes?

The person who routinely breaks the rules may think that they are super cool in doing that but when it comes to your health, following this pattern can do more harm than good.

The truth of the matter is that the quality of your health is the result of a set of very basic rules. They are not hard to follow once you get into the habit of following them. When you choose to play by the rules, your chances for achieving optimum health go up exponentially.

Those who break the rules will pay for it. They may not pay right away, but eventually their ways will catch up with them. Let us look at some of the most obvious ways in which people break the rules of health and wellness.

Rules NOT to be Broken:

Breathing is so basic yet it is something that we so often do not give any thought to. But it is an essential of life! If you stop breathing or breathe in a shallow manner, a price will be paid for that. The same can be said if you are constantly breathing in pollutants. Practice deep breathing that comes from your diaphragm. It is the healthiest manner of breathing and does your whole body a world of good.

Nutrition is simple yet so many people eat junk or eat for speed or convenience, and not for the good health of their bodies. You need to consume quality food to grow and repair your body. Food is also your source of fuel.

Hydration is a necessity of life. Drink enough water every day so you never become thirsty. The state of thirst equals dehydration which is not good for you. Be careful though- do not confuse the signals for thirst with the pangs for hunger. Sometimes when you think you are hungry, you are actually thirsty. Know the difference.

The body was meant to move. A life lived in a sedentary manner can lead to poor circulation, stagnation, weight gain, stiff muscles and joints. It can also hamper the function of the immune system and the lymphatic system. The body is not picky about the type of exercise you do, just make sure that you do indeed exercise!

Rest is needed for the proper functioning of the brain and the body.  Get your rest because it is while you are sleeping that your body renews and repairs itself. There is no substitute for restful sleep.

Show love and kindness. Love with all of your heart those who are closest to you. Show caring and concern for everyone in your life. That includes your work colleagues, your neighbors and the people that serve you at the grocery store and the dry cleaner’s. Be good to everyone who crosses your path. You are included in this too!  Don’t forget to show love to yourself!

Forgive others and forgive yourself. The power of forgiveness is very strong. When you refuse to forgive, it hurts you more than the other person. To value yourself and others and to have a purposeful life, you must learn how to forgive.


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