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Are you one of those people who maintain a steady weight throughout the year but then put on extra pounds once Christmas arrives in all of its splendor?

Perhaps your weakness is too much eggnog, or the sauce that accompanies the shrimp cocktails? Or maybe your eyes widen a little too much and your mouth begins to water whenever you see cookies in the shape of Santa Clauses decorated with red sprinkles?

Let’s be honest, the festive season is a wonderful time of the year for giving and for spending time with family and close friends. It is also a time for parties and overindulgence in food and drink. If the thought of an office Christmas party or a gathering among friends or loved ones has you worrying about going up a pant size then you need to learn ways to have fun but not take in too many calories. Read on for some ways to maintain your weight during the season of being merry!

When it comes to eating during the holidays, overeating is often par for the course. It is also not uncommon for people to eat foods that they might not be inclined to eat as much of at other times of the year. In avoid to prevent yourself from over consuming and taking in too many unwanted calories at a party or when going to someone’s house for a Christmas meal, eat a healthy snack beforehand. Arriving on an empty stomach is a recipe for an overconsumption disaster!

It is especially difficult to pass up food when it is brought around on trays or when it sits looking so appetizing on a buffet table. Look for snacks that are low in fat. Some examples of these include a selection of tasty fruit, rice crackers, pretzels and fat free biscuits. If you are a dipper at heart then look to a delicious and low fat dip such as ricotta cheese mixed with a sweet chili sauce.

Be wary of dipping too much however. Sometimes it is not the food at parties that is fattening and full of calories but the dips and sauces that are in accompaniment to them. For example shrimp is often served at Christmas celebrations. Shrimp on its own is not fattening but when you start dipping it the caloric count begins to rise.

Do not forget about the liquid calories you consume at this festive time of the year as well. A cosmopolitan in all of its glory is full of calories. Three ounces will have you consuming 179 calories. Compare that to a six ounce mimosa which comes in at 105 calories. Eggnog is one of the worst fat offenders- a half cup is equal to 186 calories. Mixed drinks are particularly high in calories as are anything that contains an abundance of sugar. Instead of Grand Marnier or Crème de Menthe, choose spiced tea (with a smidgen of rum) or mineral water.

Enjoy the holidays!


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