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If you live in a place where sunshine tends to be scarce (such as a location where winter seems to last much longer than summer!), than you may be missing out on a vitamin that can help to slow down the aging process. Vitamin D3 is the vitamin in question. This vitamin is made by the human body when sunlight is absorbed into the skin.

Let the Sun Shine!

Too much sun is bad for your skin, but so is not enough. The former problem we hear about quite a bit, the latter is discussed less often. During the summer and fall months, getting enough sun is easy enough, but after daylight savings time, a vitamin D deficiency could definitely arise.  Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin after all, and you need it to be healthy! But it is also known as an anti-aging vitamin as well.

Lack of Sun = Aging Vulnerability:

Without enough vitamin D3, your vulnerability with regards to aging goes up. That is because the sunshine vitamin protects you against cancer, keeps your bones strong and keeps your cardiovascular system young and well-functioning.

But there is more. Vitamin D3 turns up the heat on your immune system and supports it in its daily work. This vitamin supports the development of the brain; increases muscle strength and is beneficial for blood pressure and insulin secretion. There are 36 organ tissues in the human body that contain cells that respond in a favorable manner to this very important vitamin.

Vitamin D3 is an anti-aging device that can help your health in so many essential ways. Its heart-boosting benefits are well-documented, as are the ways in which it can keep your blood vessels strong and resilient to damage.

What Will Not Work:

If you are out in the sun as often as you can be, you may still not be getting enough D3. For instance, it is possible that you could spend all day out on the ski slopes on a sunny day and still be lacking in this vitamin. In wintertime in many areas of the United States, the sun does not have the energy required to transform this inactive vitamin in your body into the active form you need for it to do you some good.

Even if you are a healthy eater, you cannot eat your way to enough D3. You can get some of this vitamin from eating salmon and tuna, not to mention, D-fortified foods, such as orange juice, but not nearly enough. Consider this- you would have to consume large amounts of D-fortified foods to get the amount you require. That would be like 10 glasses of orange juice a day! Drinking that much OJ daily would lead to other problems, such as issues with your blood sugar.

What Will Work:

If you take a multivitamin, you will probably get a little of vitamin D3 in it but not a sufficient quantity. Take a look at the product label and see what it shows. Most do not have enough to be of real use.

You can however, take a supplement of the sunshine vitamin that will help you out considerably. Find out what you are getting in your multivitamin and then add a supplement that contains a total of 1,000 international units (IU). Take this on a daily basis. If you are aged 60 or old, aim for 1,200 IU.

It is best to take it with a little monounsaturated fat (the healthy kind of fat). Vitamin D3 is best absorbed in this manner.


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