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The warmer months are here. Are you knowledgeable enough about your summertime vitamins to ensure that you are getting the nutrients you need once the temperature starts to rise?

Let’s test your know-how and get you as ready as possible nutritionally speaking for the summertime scenarios that are about to come your way.

Q. Insects and mosquitoes are a problem in the summer. The more time you spend outside camping, hiking, picnicking and playing sports the more of a problem it can be. Which vitamin when taken by mouth is an effective insect repellent? Is it vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin D or vitamin K?

A. If you guessed vitamin D because it is the sunshine vitamin then you made a good guess but the correct answer is vitamin B1. If you consume enough of vitamin B1 then the insects better beware when you come around!

Q. To prevent sunburn and/or to ease the discomfort of it if it happens to you you should  consume more dark colored berries such as blueberries, vitamin C and bioflavonoids, vitamin A or beta-carotene  or omega-3 from fish oil (or from flax seed oil)?

A. The answer may surprise you – it is all of them. Every one of these healthy items is important and should be something you take in more of when the weather is hot.

Q. If you bruise easily then you need to add which nutritional supplement to your regular diet? Is it vitamin C? Or could it be vitamin K which is often found in combination with vitamin D? Or could it be bioflavonoids or bilberry extract?

A. The answer is that it is all of these. If you bruise easily then it may be time for you to closely examine your daily diet and to start taking supplements.

Q. Which of these items should you include in your first aid kit when you head out for a fun filled day at the beach, or walk the trails or go camping? Is it vitamin C, garlic or tea tree oil?

A. The answer is tea tree oil. It is a mild antiseptic that comes in handy for everything from abrasions to bites to minor cuts to stings. No first aid kit should be without tea tree oil!

Q. It is night time in the summer and you are trying to sleep but you are just so hot! What can you do to cool down in order to be able to sleep? Should you drink some decaffeinated iced green tea with L-theanine? Should you turn on your quietest fan and place a bowl or bucket of cold water behind it so as the ice melts it will blow cold air into the room? Should you take melatonin an hour before you head to bed?

A. The answer is all three. All of these things will help you to relax and fall asleep when the room feels like it is too hot to handle!

Hopefully this simple test will help you to be more prepared for the summer that is to come and will allow you to enjoy it to its fullest! Always remember that your health needs to come first though.


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