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Exciting events such as Superbowl or World Cup can cause stress on your cardiovascular system to the extent if you’ve a diseased heart you could suffer an attack.

You can read the studies and research behind this at an article posted here. However, the reason for this post today is not just because I’m writing it one day before the Superbowl but because the person who wrote the article is Dr Al Sears, who is an expert in the cardio field and has written a lot of books on the subject.

One of those books has just been released and he has earmarked the Superbowl to send out his message of a different type of exercising to the Superbowl fan base. You can read all about his PACE 12 Minute Fitness program here. But back to how to avoid a heart attack while watching the Superbowl or other major sporting events.

1. Do some activity before the game and at breaks. Stretch out, go outside if you can and do a few sprints or a short aerobic workout – no more than 5 minutes and this should be at a relaxing pace.

2.  Watch what you eat for snacks  – go for healthy ones like vegetables, or nuts and sunflower seeds.

3. Assume the ref will make a few bad calls and don’t let it anger and over excite you.

4. Avoid alcohol and tobacco or do it in moderation – excessive consumption of these two deadly chemicals is a frequent cause of cardiac arrest.

5. Don’t gamble on the outcome if the loss would cause you hardship as this will send you into worry mode, and again cause undue stress on your heart.

The article by Dr Sears at the link above covers these in more details and includes 10 in all. It’s worth a read anyway.

Having an ongoing exercise program you’re following makes sense for anybody who wants to avoid heart attacks, but make sure it’s the type that’ll strengthen your heart and not weaken it. A program like the PACE Fitness Revolution is such a program and worth checking out – I know it’s working for me and Samantha and we’ll both be watching the Superbowl with our hubbies and families.

Go… whatever team you’re rooting for!


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