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In the field of chiropractic, vertebral subluxation complexes are described by the practitioners as “a set of signs and symptoms of the spinal column.” In other words, they are signs that point to a problem with the spine. The three causes of them are chemical, emotional and physical.

These vertebral subluxations are believed to cause neurological compromise along the spine. An issue that is encountered with the spinal columns can lead to a nervous system dysfunction.

Chemical Stresses that Compromise:

There are numerous types of chemical stresses that can affect your health, without you even being aware of it, until a more serious problem has arisen. Let us look at some of those chemical stresses now.

We all need to clean our homes right? Many of the cleaners we use all of the time may be toxic and very unsafe for your body. Think about the chemicals that are used in these products – the ones that make your sink and bathtub shine and make your wood sparkle. Whether it is dish detergent, window cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner or some other types of cleansers, many of these commercial products are bad news.

Personal care products may make your hair bouncy, your skin brighter and your teeth whiter but do you really know what all of the ingredients on the product labels can do to your health? Many people do not even know what many of the ingredients are. There are dozens of chemicals in hair care products, skincare products and the cosmetics that you use on your face every day. The more products you use on a daily basis, the more chemicals you are being exposed to.

Antiperspirants and deodorants keep you dry and odor-free. You need them when the pressure’s on, right? While these products do serve a purpose, they have a negative side to them. They contain aluminum and a number of other ingredients that are not found anywhere in nature. That makes them chemicals that the body is unfamiliar with.

Aspartame is found in numerous products you consume, everything from soda pop to baked goods to candy. Researchers blame this substance and other artificial sweeteners for playing a role in the onset of several autoimmune diseases. For this reason, you should avoid this these additives at all costs.

Artificial colors, flavors and preservatives are bad for you. Practically every processed food imaginable contains one or more of these chemicals. They are added to foods to extend the shelf life of them. While it is very hard to avoid these harmful substances all together, always read product labels before you buy boxed and pre-packaged foods.

You like the smell of the laundry detergent you use and the fabric softener really makes your clothes feel great, but what ingredients make up these products? Bear in mind that your clothing, as well as your bedding and your towels come in direct contact with your skin. You want as few chemicals near your skin as possible.

Reducing chemical exposure from the everyday products you use can take some effort on your part but it is worth it because you will enjoy better health. All of the chemicals described here put an extra burden upon your immune and nervous systems.

Do what you can to remove some of the burdens that they shoulder.


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If you are like many people today then you probably have a job that keeps you sitting in a chair for the better part of the work day.  Some people prefer a sit-down job to a job that keeps them on their feet all day.

While it may seem relaxing and restful to be able to sit while you do your work if you remain in the same position for too long a period of time this can lead to stress, strain and injury to your joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons. When you sit for a sustained period of time it can cause additional pressure to be placed upon your lower back and your neck. In fact steady compression upon the spinal discs is a contributing factor to premature degeneration.

If you have a job where you sit down you cannot just rush out and quit your job! You can however take less drastic measures to keep yourself comfortable and as pain and injury free as possible. Read on to find out three ways to protect your back, your neck and all of the bones in your spinal column.

One.  Take breaks more often. Frequent breaks are a must when you sit for many hours at a job. Push back your chair and step away from your desk. Do some stretching exercises, go for a short walk outdoors or in your office building. Take a few minutes to go have a sip of water, to chat with a co-worker or to glance out the window. Not only is this healthy for your back but it is also good for your mental state as well. Now if you’re in a call center then you’re going to have to “negotiate” this with your supervisor but most companies build breaks into schedule.

Two. Pay close attention to your posture. Incorrect posture can lead to excessive strain on your lower back. When you sit in an improper fashion the blood flow to your muscles is reduced which can lead to fatigue setting in very quickly. What you need to do to get posture perfect is to practice what is known as “active sitting.” What this means is that your feet are planted flatly on the floor in front of you.

You also have to make sure that your back is straight in your chair, your shoulders are squared and you chin is parallel with the floor. If you can maintain this posture then it will go a long way in preventing strain on your spine and your sides. It also helps to strengthen the core muscles found in your abdomen. Strong core muscles will contribute tremendously to having good posture, which in turn is good for your skeletal system in general.

Three. Select the right office chair. If you must sit throughout your workday then vary the positions you sit in. This helps to prevent stress and strain from being exerted on your spine. One of the things that can help this a great deal is to invest in the right type of office chair. Look for an office chair that is adjustable for your size and will support your spine regardless of what position you choose to sit in.

You should also select a chair that features a backrest that will give your lower back the support it requires. Chairs with arm rests are also useful. You should look for an office chair that has a front edge that curves in a downward manner. This helps you to maintain the good posture that you need to promote a healthy back.


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