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Are you looking for ways to improve your sex life? If you would like to pave the way for better sex, you first need to realize that a variety of factors come into play when it comes to something as complex as sexuality. There are physical and psychological responses to think about. But the good news is that help is within reach.

Medical Issue:

If you believe that a medical problem is underlying an intimacy issue you are having, go see your doctor. He or she can send you for tests to determine what the cause of the sexual dysfunction is. Your physician can also refer you to other healthcare providers who may be able to offer you help, such as therapists.

Spice Up the Night (or Day!):

If your troubles are not medically oriented, finding ways to enhance your libido or spice things up in the bedroom is simple enough to do. Read on.

Live a healthy life. It sounds so simple and straightforward but sometimes we veer off course and do not even realize it. Too many early morning lattes, too little sleep, too many happy hours and too few hours spent in the gym and our health compass sends us careening in the opposite direction.

To get your libido up to speed, eat a healthy and balanced diet. Make physical activity a priority in your life and get plenty of sleep. This will help you to feel better, look better and it will give your energy a boost.

A healthy body can help you feel better about yourself and it leads to an enhanced sex life. Regular exercise is believed to be one of the essential elements to health between the sheets. Studies have shown that individuals, who exercise on a regular basis, have more blood flow to every area of their body, including the genital region.

To improve your sex drive and get your partner revved up, leave the television and computer off. Turn your attention to your significant other instead. Make time for physical intimacy by giving your sweetie your undivided attention. Too much TV viewing is a killer for the sex drive. Without the tube on, you can turn each other on and take it from there!

Soft music and candlelight sets the romantic tone for a steamy night ahead, right? Not so fast! That is what we used to think. But now researchers say that arousing the nervous system, as opposed to suppressing it, can greatly enhance your sexual desire and make for a more romantic evening.

Try doing something that raises your heart rate and gives your cardiovascular system a workout. Go to the movies and take in an action flick that gets your heart pumping like crazy, visit a comedy club and laugh like there is no tomorrow, or go salsa dancing. Get your heart rate up and keep it there in preparation for the main event of the night!

Open up to your partner. When you share your ideas, thoughts and stories with your partner, the lines of communication remain open. You want them to remain wide open to keep physical intimacy alive. This will help each of you to understand and respect each other even more. Emotional intimacy is an important aspect of physical intimacy.

Your sense of smell is tied into desire and being amorous. Lavender is a scent that helps many people relax and get into the right mood. Research shows that it brings about a feeling of calm and relaxation and it reduces mental stress.

Not everyone responds the same way to every scent. Experiment with various ones to find the one that is best for your pairing. Some people have a favorite scent(s) because it triggers a pleasant memory. Use that to help work your sexual magic on your lover!


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