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Many people who have been sick or have suffered an injury from a fall or an accident sometimes expect their recovery to be very swift. When they do not receive the fastest relief possible they get discouraged. They are supposed to heal quickly (or so the drug advertisements say). Right?

If the slow pace of your healing process has got you down then there could be numerous explanations for that, and some of this can be self-inflicted by accident. Here’s some suggestions for you.

Missed Visits:

If you are supposed to be seeing your family doctor, a specialist or an alternative care practitioner (such as a chiropractor) on a regular basis and have missed some appointments then this could slow down the rate at which your recovery is taking place. The recommendations of medical professionals are based on the results seen in other people who have similar health conditions and challenges.

Each one of your visits builds on the one before. If you have been absent for an appointment (or two, or three) then that may stall your healing. Consistency is required to create the momentum that is a necessary element of the healing process.

Lacking Resolve:

Resolve is the determination needed to accomplish something. It is determination that is firm and strong, as opposed to being flimsy and weak. Healing is a process that does not take place over night and it varies from one individual to another. When you lack resolve it can take longer for you to get better and sometimes even slide back!

Outside Interference:

There may be things you are doing that are impeding your progress that you do not realize are interfering with your body’s ability to heal itself properly. For instance, if you are over exerting yourself this can slow the rate at which you heal. Repetitive motions can also affect your body’s rate of recuperation, as can heavy lifting and other motions that you have been cautioned not to do. You need to listen carefully to your healthcare practitioner and then follow through!

Self Sabotage:

Nobody wants to believe that they could be sabotaging their own efforts to heal but perhaps you are and you do not even realize it. There are a number of choices you could be making for your lifestyle that could be inhibiting your optimal level of health and wellness.

Are you being proactive when it comes to what you do after you leave your doctor’s office? To put it another way, are you doing everything necessary to support the care that you receive from your healthcare provider?  Perhaps you will told that you should change your diet, drink more water, get more exercise or get more rest. If you are not doing what you were strongly recommended to do then this is a form of self sabotage.

Be aware that carrying too much weight on your body and the use of tobacco can diminish your ability to recuperate in a swift manner. If this is you then stop adversely affecting your recovery by sabotaging your efforts.

Some ailments are stubborn to leave our body, but given the right nutrients and habits our bodies are wonderful machines to help us recover – just make sure you’re giving it the right environment to fix itself.


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