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Yeast infections can be a terrible source of discomfort for any woman. While most people think of these bothersome infections as predominantly a woman’s problem they can happen to men as well. A vaginal yeast infection can be transferred to a man through intercourse. In fact the infection can go back and forth until it is diagnosed and treated.

Knowing what to do when a yeast infection happens to you can be of tremendous relief. Hopefully you will never develop such an infection but if you do then you will be prepared to cope with it ahead of time.

Natural Remedies for Yeast Infections:

While there are plenty of medical remedies that you can purchase in a pharmacy to help treat yeast infections you may also want to look into the natural yeast infection cures that are available to you. While a cream or suppository might be an effective remedy often times the treatment is very short lived and you end up getting recurring yeast infections. This is not what you want to happen at all!

Most home cures for yeast infections are geared towards females but it is worth noting that many of these yeast infection home treatments can be adapted accordingly to be useful for men who develop yeast related infections. To prevent reoccurring yeast infections and to deal with the symptoms of these infections try out some of the home treatments described here.

Plain yogurt is a natural cure for yeast infections that can help to fight yeast and keep it under control. Plain yogurt can be used as an internal yeast infection natural treatment as well as an external one. It is imperative that you purchase yogurt that is plain and unsweetened as yeast thrives on sugar.

Consuming plain yogurt will provide you with a source of good bacteria that will help with the digestive process. It is best to eat it before a meal. To use it internally apply plain yogurt to a tampon and insert it or if you prefer rub a small amount of plain yogurt on the outside of your body. Just leave the tampon inside for a few minutes and then remove it.

Other Yeast Infection Cures:

Eating more garlic or taking garlic pills offers a treatment for yeast infections that is welcome because yeast and garlic do not like each other very much! Kyolic garlic tablets and water can offer a yeast infection cure not just for female yeast infections but for yeast infections of the mouth as well. Garlic is considered to be a natural form of antibiotic that has many benefits to health.

Another treatment for vaginal yeast infection that you might want to try is apple cider vinegar. This natural remedy is very strong however and therefore a small amount goes a long way. Run a warm bath and add a cup of apple cider vinegar to it and then take a long, relaxing soak. This should help!

If none of these natural cures do the trick then you should see your doctor. It is possible that you may have another problem besides a yeast infection. However in most cases you will find that these alternative remedies will help you to feel better right away!


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