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Germs can be beneficial for your health. Who knew? In part I of why not all germs are bad for your health we learned that being too hygienic can actually work against your pursuit of good health. We also learned that while overuse of antibacterial products is not wise, these products do have some advantages. Here we continue our look at how good germs can equal better health.

Building up Natural Defenses:

Rather than placing the focus on killing every germ around we should instead think about how we can encourage the right type of germs to grow. This sounds weird but it is so true.

When you do your part to support the right type of bacteria to grow and thrive you develop an internal environment that allows your immune system to grow stronger.  The growth of friendly bacteria in the body offers a huge health payoff for youngsters. It means fewer stomach aches, fewer ear infections, fewer allergies to food, fewer urinary tract infections and less bouts of diarrhea. It has even been shown to fight off head colds, coughs and fevers. This is news that every mother wants to hear!

Eat the Right Foods:

One of the ways to ensure that you are getting good germs in your system is to eat foods that naturally contain the beneficial organisms your immune system requires. Start your kids on these foods early and you will help to make them stronger and less likely to get sick all of the time. Yogurt is one of the best foods around for this, as is feta cheese and pickles. Dark chocolate makes a healthy treat because it is another source of helping germs and bacteria.

There are other foods that do not contain friendly germs but do their best to nurture the right kind of environment. Examples of these foods include asparagus, garlic, onions, whole oats, whole wheat, bananas and honey. Please note that honey should only be given to children who are older than a year.

If you are not getting enough of the foods that provide you with beneficial bacteria and disease fighting germs then it might be worth your while to take a probiotic supplement to give you what you are missing. You can find probiotics at most health food stores, grocery stores and pharmacies. These supplements contain beneficial live bacteria which is good for your body. They are good for your family as well. You should not give probiotic supplements to infants any younger than six months of age.

Make Healthy Choices:

Due to the fact that germs are useful for your health you need to make smart choices in regards to your lifestyle and for your family. To do this you should keep yourself and your children away from cigarette smoke as often as possible. Exposure to second-hand smoke can kill off friendly bacteria.

When it comes to antibiotic drugs if your doctor says that it is not necessary for you to have a prescription filled then do not get one. The same can be said for the pediatrician who treats your children. When you take antibiotics the bad bacteria are killed off but so are the good bacteria. If you or any of your children must take an antibiotic for an infection or an illness then taking a supplement will restore the body’s supply of friendly bacteria.

Germs are not something to be feared but in many cases something to be embraced! Having enough good germs and bacteria in your body can yield big benefits and it does not take as much effort as you might realize. Beginning these habits early on in life for your kids can help to ensure a healthy way of life and can put them on a health path that will see them through their adult years.


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