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Peppers come in plenty of varieties. What this means for you is if you try one and do not like it then you can experiment with other kinds.

There are different colors and different tastes. Some peppers are very mild to the taste buds while others are sweeter and still others – think hot peppers or jalapeno peppers – are fiery! Whether you prefer to eat bell peppers cascabel peppers or something hotter, peppers have much to offer in the health arena. Red, green, orange, gold, yellow and even purple, peppers are flavorful and they are nutritiously nourishing!

Garlic, onions and peppers all offer many of the same benefits to the healthy functioning of your body.

Peppers are very beneficial for the respiratory system in particular and can help to combat many breathing issues such as asthma and bronchitis. Hot peppers for instance can fight an array of respiratory illnesses as well as pulmonary disorders. Consuming peppers can allow you to breathe easier in other words.

If you are prone to sinus pain and congestion then peppers can be of help to you. The same can be said if you suffer from postnasal drip or if your nasal passages are often dry and irritated. If that was not enough, eating peppers can reduce the occurrence of headaches.

The ingredient that makes peppers so good for health is called capsaicin. What this ingredient does is it supports the lungs in working to their optimum capacity. If you want to improve the functioning of your lungs then adding more peppers to your daily diet is highly recommended. Those who smoke should eat more peppers and those who encounter second hand smoke on a regular basis should as well.

Other Important Points about Peppers:

If you are watching your weight then you do not have to steer clear of this vegetable.

Peppers are very high in vitamin C and are low in calories which make them ideal veggies for every weight conscious individual. A green bell pepper for example contains more vitamin C than any other type of citrus fruit that weighs approximately the same amount. A red pepper triples that of a green bell pepper when it comes to vitamin C.

As a rule of thumb, the hotter the pepper is the higher vitamin C content it contains. Chile peppers are an example of this.  In days gone by Chile peppers were eaten to prevent the common cold. If a person did develop a head cold despite eating Chile peppers then they could eat more to rid their body of the cold as rapidly as possible.

Eat peppers for the sake of your good health and you will soon notice a difference. Start today!


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