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If you think that you are in for another blasé meal then you need to infuse it with something super – super healthy and super delicious that is!

You need a whole lot of super right here and now!

We do not always associate healthy foods with yummy tasting foods. We also do not always associate delicious tasting foods with foods that help us to lose weight. But what if you could get all of these elements in a group of foods? Just think – healthy, tasty and weight worthy all rolled into one. Sounds like a bit of a dream doesn’t it?

Actually it is very real and very possible.

These foods are known as super foods (sometimes written as one word- superfoods) and they are yours for the taking and the serving. Family meals will never be the same again!

Super foods are a group of foods that promote health and well-being of the body and the mind. They are a rich source of numerous nutrients that fight sicknesses and diseases such as cancer. Just as they are super healthy they are also temptingly tasty and can make any meal of the day more delightful!

But the benefits of this special category of foods do not end there. Super foods must live up to their super status and they most definitely do that! They have no excess calories. You will feel full after eating these foods which means that you will not be hungry for quite a while afterwards.

Incorporating these foods into your daily meals is simple once you get the hang of it. Putting your culinary side to the test will be a joy with super foods and not a chore. Even the finicky eaters in your life will come to love the taste that these super foods have to offer!

Every day you need to be eating nutritious foods that can provide you with the essential elements you need to maintain your health and keep you strong. You cannot just eat one healthy food and think that you are done for the day. You need to make healthy nutritious foods a vital part of your eating tapestry – this includes both your meals and your snacks.

Keep in mind however that even when it comes to fruits and vegetables, portion control always matters. These foods may be super foods but they must be eaten in sensible portions and not in huge quantities.

One example of this is nuts.

While nuts make the list of super foods and are full of nutrients, they are also high in their fat content. They should be eaten but only in small portions. Be sensible about your intake and you won’t have to worry about adding to your waistline!


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