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Advocates of magnetic therapy believe it has the power to heal a variety of health conditions.

Magnets are believed to set in motion a chemical reaction that works with energy fields in the body to reduce pain and to help the body to begin the cycle of healing. Not a lot of research of late has been done on the subject of magnetic therapy but the good news is that no side effects have ever been discovered from the use of magnets on the skin.

Some of the uses of magnetic therapy include:

• Production of enzymes
• Tissue and cell regeneration
• Delivering a greater supply of oxygen to the cells
• Aids in the absorption of nutrients
• Kick-starts metabolism and helps toxins and waste to exit the body as quickly as possible
• Improves and speeds up the process of healing
• Reduces the percentage of free radicals circulating in the body

The Mystery Surrounding Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy is a mysterious form of therapy and therefore is surrounded by a great deal of mystique. Many theories have been proposed for its effectiveness but none have been proven as fact. Magnetic therapy is used by doctors in a variety of disciplines including general practitioners, chiropractors and psychiatrists. It is also commonly used by veterinarians to treat animals. Despite all this, even the medical community has no explanation for why magnets help to heal. All they know is that they do.

We must stop for a minute and make an important point about magnetic therapy- no one has ever claimed that magnets do not cure any health condition nor should they ever be used in place of conventional medicine. Instead the use of magnets has been shown to reduce pain and swelling in people who are suffering from it due to any number of reasons. The same can be said for animals.

Looking at it from a global perspective, an estimated 140 million people the world over are advocates of magnetic therapy and have witnessed its benefits when it comes to relieving pain and improving blood circulation. Not only that but they also have benefited from its ability to reduce swelling and stiffness in joints and to give them more energy and vigor in their lives. For example, many professional athletes are believers in the positive energy that magnetic therapy is capable of giving off.

Uses of Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy can be used for a variety of health problems. Here we take a look at some of the most common ones…

Pain Relief

This is the area where magnetic therapy has been shown to be of the most benefit. When combined with another alternative therapy- acupuncture- magnetic therapy can be even more effective. Those seeking pain relief from such conditions as arthritis, rheumatism, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, shoulder and back pain, fibromyalgia, muscle sprains and/or muscle strains and migraine headaches can find relief with magnetic therapy.

Improved Circulation

When a body tissue has sustained an injury it releases a positive charge. By using the negative pole of a magnet the energy field can be brought into balance and can lessen the swelling and inflammation and thereby promote healing. Dilated blood vessels can stimulate blood flow to the area and can chase away toxins that can make the discomfort and inflammation much worse.

Cautions Related to Magnetic Therapy

People who have pacemakers or automatic internal defibrillators should avoid magnetic therapy. The same can be said for women who are pregnant. If you use a magnetic mattress pad only sleep on it for eight hours or less, but not for longer than that.

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Magnetic therapy is an alternative therapy that makes use of magnets for therapeutic purposes.

Also sometimes referred to as bio energy therapy or magnetic field therapy, this kind of therapy uses magnets of a variety of strengths and sizes to relieve pain. The magnets are placed on different areas of the body to reduce discomfort and to treat a multitude of health conditions.

The magnets used are not the same as fridge magnets nor are they the kind that gives children hours of pleasure. Those types do not have enough strength to heal. Instead the ones used for magnetic therapy are medical magnets that are much stronger. The average fridge magnet is very weak and is approximately 10 gauss while the magnets used for this type of therapy are in the range of 450 gauss to 10,000 gauss. The higher the gauss of a magnet is the further it can penetrate into the skin and thus, the more pain relieving power it holds.

The Belief Behind the Therapy

Proponents of magnetic therapy believe that magnets are able to penetrate into the layers of the skin to transfer magnetic energy into the body to improve and restore its overall balance. The cells and tissues throughout the body are all made up of electromagnetic impulses that combine with the action of the magnets to bring about healing.

While there are practitioners who offer magnetic therapy treatments, this form of alternative therapy is most often self administered. Magnetic jewelery is readily available in many stores. For example, there are bracelets, necklaces and rings that can be purchased at select jewelery stores, as well as drug stores. The closer the piece of jewelery is worn to the source of the pain, the more likely it is that the pain will be eased. Besides jewelery, there are also magnetic blankets and pillows on the market that are pain relievers that help to encourage a good night’s sleep.

Magnets and Energy Fields

Magnets are believed to be capable of producing energy fields that when placed on the outside of the body can penetrate through the skin and into the cells and organs of the body. The positioning of magnets in strategic areas is believed to give the body the boast it needs to begin its own healing process.

It is important to stop here and make note that there is no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of magnetic therapy. While there are many skeptics, there are just as many believers. The concept of using magnets to heal is by no means a new one. In fact it is theorized to be one of the oldest natural therapies known to humankind.

In particular, magnets help to affect blood flow in a positive way in terms of the metabolic system. By increasing the flow of blood to a given part of the body, this encourages oxygen, nutrients and endorphins to more readily travel to the affected area. By so doing, the pain cycle is disrupted and inflammation and swelling can be lessened.

A variety of health conditions are believed to be improved upon thanks to the work of magnetic therapy. Many people seek out this form of alternative treatment for stiffness in their muscles and joints. It is also believed to help migraine headaches, relieve pain following surgery, reduce stress levels and increase energy. It must be noted that magnetic therapy has been used on horses for many years with a tremendous amount of success.

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