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The hypno-bandTM is a form of gastric band hypnosis created and developed by John Maclean of New Wave Hypnotherapy which is found in Mallorca, Spain and Exeter, United Kingdom.  This is the third in my posts about hypnosis surgery.

After seeing many clients with a high body mass index (BMI) John Maclean came to realize that while weight loss hypnotherapy was beneficial for these clients, it was not enough.

While gastric band hypnosis was something he was aware of he felt what it required to be effective was a system that was highly integrated. It needed to analyze and cope with the emotional and psychological reasons that overeating took place.  It is the knowledge of this that prompted many months of research and development that led to the creation of the hypno-band. Today it is used by over 200 licensed practitioners in 11 countries around the world.

What is the Hypno-Band?

The hypno-bandTM is a system that combines techniques used in hypnotherapy with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Together these methods make it possible for a patient of the therapy to explore and analyze their eating habits. Once that is done then they’re able to modify their eating habits to improve their weight, and from there the quality of their life. The mind/body connection is then used to “install” a virtual gastric band into the stomach of the patient.  The individual will then consume less food and eat less often than before.

There is no surgery that takes place in this case. The hypno-bandTM system is non-invasive in nature. It involves no drugs and is not painful or uncomfortable in the least.  On the contrary it is very relaxing and peaceful. It is also safe and cost effective for the majority of patients.

How Does the Hypno-Band System Work?

The hypno-bandTM system is made up of a series of one hour sessions. It comes with MP3 or CD recordings that can be used for the reinforcement you require. When you have your first session a complete medical history will be taken. This will also include a discussion of your diet and lifestyle habits. An initial assessment will also be taken at this time. At this time you will also be introduced to hypnosis and you will experience all of the positive and relaxing feelings that accompany the hypnosis experience. This is also when your journey to drop pounds begins.

During your second session the virtual gastric band will be fitted around the stomach and the hypnotherapy will take place. In the sessions to follow it will be adjusted accordingly. In sessions beyond that everything that has been learned to date will be reinforced and the patient will begin to be taught a different approach to looking at food and eating food. Once the hypno-band sessions have concluded the patient should use the CD or MP3 recordings to continue to reinforce everything that has been learned.

Like all hypnosis the success of the hypno-band depends upon you. You must be completely committed to it in order it to work for you. Find out more information at http://www.hypnoband.com


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