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Have you ever heard of decompression manipulation therapy? If you have ever visited a chiropractor than you may have and if you have not then it might be an alternative therapy that is unfamiliar to you.

What is it all about and can it help what ails you?

Decompression manipulation therapy is a kind of spinal manipulation that is gentle as well as safe. It does not necessitate drugs of any kind or any form of surgery. It is a therapy used by chiropractors that takes place on a decompression adjustment table. It has been shown to be a safe alternative to having surgery performed on the back for 95 percent of people who suffer from back pain, leg pain or both.

Also known as spinal decompression treatment, this natural therapy method is useful for those who suffer from a pinched nerve or nerves and/or pain in the lower back. This chiropractic treatment is capable of restoring normal motions to the spinal joints. It is also able to improve posture and bodily movements which can help to minimize pain and discomfort. It helps to relieve tension on the spinal nerves and discs by increasing the height of the discs. It also improves the circulation of blood to the discs and joints of the back, thereby improving the flow to the nerves.

Conditions it Helps:

There are certain health conditions that can benefit tremendously from this therapy. If you suffer from any of these conditions you may wish to seek out the decompression method of treatment. These conditions include but are not limited to:

  • Herniated discs
  • Stenosis
  • Sciatica
  • Leg pain
  • Failed back surgical syndromes
  • Inflammation of a nerve

A person interested in being treated as a patient with decompression therapy must first be examined by the chiropractor and a medical history must be taken. A diagnosis must be made and then a course of treatment can be embarked upon. It is important to note however that this therapy will not help every back related condition.

How it Works:

If a person is accepted as a patient for this alternative treatment method they will be instructed to lie face down on the decompression adjustment table. A short wave diathermy unit will then supply heat to the patient’s back. This is used instead of a hot pack because it penetrates much deeper.

The table is able to move in any number of directions. This aids the chiropractor in doing his or her work. The physician will carefully control all of the compression movements and will ensure that movements are administered to the patient in a manner that is slow, mild and as comfortable as possible.

The next stage of the treatment is for inferential electrical current therapy to be applied to the lower back region. This is used for many types of sports injuries and rehabilitative efforts. It is very beneficial for the healing of tissues, nerve repair and circulation.

A decompression manipulation treatment generally takes between 35 to 40 minutes to complete. Following the treatment, the chiropractor will recommend an exercise and strength program for the patient to do at home.

Clinical research has shown that it takes an estimated 12 decompression treatments for the maximum results of the therapy to be seen and felt. It may take up to 30 days before the patient begins to feel better. For those suffering from a torn disc it can take as many as three months for it to completely heal. The chiropractor will be able to let you know how long he or she thinks it will take to show success.


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