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The fall months are cooler, the days are shorter and our health is presented with its share of challenges. The immune system must cope with bacteria and viruses throughout all 12 months of the year. However the greatest challenges to staying in good health present themselves in the fall months when temperatures begin to dip.

What can we do to take care of ourselves with all that the fall months have to throw our way to waylay our efforts to stay healthy? Here are some suggestions for you:

Bacteria and viruses surround us and are a part of our environment and our lives no matter what we do. Some of them are good for us but those are the ones we hardly take notice of. It is the bad ones that worry us and threaten our immune systems with the potential for illness. Once autumn arrives we start to spend more time indoors and this can leave us susceptible to germs and the possibility of falling ill.

One of your first lines of defense in the fall is to build up your immune system in a natural manner. You want to keep it as strong as possible throughout the fall and winter months. To do this you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle which is to say eating healthy and keeping physically active. It also helps to make immune strengthening herbs such as Black Elderberry and Astralagus a part of your daily routine.

You have probably heard this many times before and it may sound very cliché but you must pay close attention to what you eat. Your body requires five servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

Eating five servings will support your immune system in doing its best work. The primary sources of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals for the body are fruits and veggies. They contain nutrients that are the building blocks for the immune system. They also build strong cells and encourage cellular integrity throughout every cell of the body.

Antioxidants such as beta carotene, anthocyanidans and other types of carotenoids are what veggies and fruits are all about. Antioxidants have been proven through research studies to improve immune system function and health and also to protect the cells from free radical damage. Antioxidants are particularly prevalent in fruits and veggies with bright colors such as those that are blue, red, orange, purple and yellow.

It is best to consume these foods raw or steamed. Boiling them will destroy many of the nutrients so this method of eating them is not recommended.

Another simple way to keep your immune health where it should be is to make sure that you drink a plentiful supply of water. Keeping hydrated washes away toxins and it helps your red and white blood cells to function at their highest levels.

You also need to get your sleep and deal with the stress that comes your way. This is important all year long but is very critical during the fall months when your immune system is most likely to be assaulted with bad bacteria and viruses. Too much stress can trigger high levels of the hormone cortisol to skyrocket. This can affect your immune system and can render it not as fast to respond to issues as it would be otherwise.

To improve your immune system’s response time when it comes to stress you must find ways to cope with stress that are suitable for you.


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It’s the cold and flu season and if you’re feeling a little run down then you’re in good company. You’ve probably got so much to do and yet your energy is at a dangerously low level.

What can you do to improve your health forecast for the weeks and months ahead? The answer is to get your immune system humming with health and vitality.

Here we look at some of the most significant ways to boost your immune system.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and keep eating them often. Do not allow yourself to tire of eating all of the natural good stuff that is full of nutrients and antioxidants. Find ways to make your vegetable and fruit intake more exciting. For example, try making a parfait out of low fat or non-fat vanilla yogurt, a variety of fruits such as berries, grapes and peaches and then add bran cereal or flax seed powder.

Keep your water content high so you don’t become dehydrated. Your immune system needs lots of liquids to keep it strong and healthy. Water is the most important beverage for you to consume. You should also add herbal tea to the list. Drink it often. Experiment with different types to find the one that is most enjoyable to your taste buds.

You need to get your beauty sleep each and every night. Something many people do not know is that when you constantly short-change yourself on sleep this renders your immune system less effective. In fact your immune system will be reduced in effectiveness by as much as 50 percent. An occasional night of tossing and turning is one thing but lots of nights of not enough sleep can lead to insomnia and can also make you less alert and focused in the daytime and make the potential for getting sick much greater.

When you are going through a particularly stressful period in your life your immune system has greater demands placed upon it. This is when you are more susceptible to getting sick.

Do what is necessary to reduce your stress load. You should also give your immune system a helping hand by taking a well-balanced vitamin and mineral supplement. Your health and well-being can benefit tremendously from a supplement. When you are feeling stressed you are less likely to be eating as healthy which is another reason why a supplement is a very wise choice at this point in time.

Vitamin E has been known to boost the work of the immune system. If you feel a sore throat and cold coming on then 500 milligrams of vitamin C taken once a day can help you to feel better. The mineral zinc can soothe your throat that feels raw and dry from sickness. You can buy zinc throat lozenges at natural health food stores and in the alternative health food aisle of grocery stores and drug stores.  Zinc throat lozenges should only be used on a full stomach.

It is not recommended that they be popped into your mouth when your stomach is empty.

Follow these simple suggestions and you’ll immune system will soon kick back in top gear and get you through the cold season to spring fever.

Becca Scott

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There are many natural ways to strengthen the immune system that can result in rejuvenation, more vitality and a greater sense of wellness.

The immune system is one of the most overworked and unappreciated parts of the human body. Like the heart, it never gets to rest. An immune system that is healthy and in excellent working order serves to regulate the body’s ability to heal itself and to protect against the invasion of any number of infections and diseases.

On the other hand, when the immune system is compromised in any way and not working at its full capacity, this can result in excessive fatigue, respiratory problems and premature aging. Stress is one of the worst enemies that the immune system must do battle with on a daily basis.

Finding natural ways to protect and strengthen the immune system can result in a person who is healthier, bursting with energy and feels as young as possible.

Natural Ways to Boost Your Immunity

How can you help your immune system to do the best job that it possibly can to keep you healthy? Well for starters, keep reading …

Eat foods that provide you with plenty of antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E and lycopene. Also eat foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids (found in flax seeds, walnuts and soybeans) and folate (which is present in orange juice and many dark green vegetables).
Exercise as often as possible. Make it a daily part of your routine and your immune system will thank you. Walking is beneficial as is dancing, swimming, taking a class, biking, playing team sports etc. Even gardening or taking your dog to the park would qualify as a natural (and effective) way to strengthen your immune system.
Simple stretching exercises can help to improve your immune system because stretching helps to alleviate stress and anxiety in the body and the mind.
Doing yoga follows right along with stretching. Yoga involves slow movements and postures that help breathing, balance, flexibility, blood circulation and muscle strength. All of these things in turn can give the immune system a push in the healthy direction.
Enjoy your life and laugh often! Laughing reduces the amount of stress hormones in the body and keeps them from becoming larger than life. Laughing, whether it be from a joke, a funny story or a comedy you saw on television can increase the number of Natural Killer T-cells which fight viruses and cells that are damaged. Laugh it up and make no excuses for it!
Practice exceptional hygiene. This is such a basic way to improve the function of the immune system but even adults need a reminder from time to time. Wash your hands frequently. Wash them before you eat and when you first come home from work. Wash them whenever you are in doubt. If you are somewhere where there is no soap and water available then carry hand wipes with you or tote along with you one of those hand sanitizers that kill germs and bacteria.

There are many natural ways to strengthen the immune system. The more effort you put into it the healthier will your body’s defense system be. To learn more ways to help your immune system be good to you, please visit the sites listed below:



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