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Hypnosis is an alternative health treatment that can help you in many areas of your life. It can help you to lose weight, quit smoking, cope with anxiety, get rid of phobias and increase your self-esteem.

In part one we defined hypnosis and we looked at how it feels to be hypnotized. Here in part two we continue with some other important truths about the practice of hypnosis.

Here is a common question asked by many people about hypnosis – is it dangerous?

When you take part in a guided hypnotic session you have what is known as an observer self. You have to expand your thinking to understand the observer self. It is “an actual part of you that is always aware and watching out for you.” While under hypnosis you can trust and be assured that your observer self is watching over you carefully and will not let anything happen to you that you would not permit in your waking state.

Hypnosis is capable of making us sharper and more focused mentally. Due to this it is actually able to make us safer (as opposed to less safe) because it allows us to become more aware of our surroundings as we go through our day. This is a good thing and an aspect of hypnosis that many people do not think about or are even aware of.

Hypnosis will not cause you to do anything against your will nor will it cause you to reveal any information about yourself that you would prefer to keep secret.

Basically, you’ll not say or do anything that you would not ordinarily do. Under hypnosis you continue to have a choice because your brain does not stop functioning properly nor is your ability to reason altered or diminished.

This is one of the most common misconceptions about hypnosis. You may see the things that stage hypnotists get audience members to do to entertain others and it might cause you concern. This is done for entertainment value only, and frankly has nothing to do with therapeutic hypnosis and is more about a subjects openness to suggestibility than anything else. It cannot be emphasized often enough – you will never ever do anything while under hypnosis, nor will you accept any suggestions while in this state that violate your moral code or any of your values.

Hypnosis is healthy and safe.

You will not get trapped in it and you do not have to worry about getting stuck in a terminal hypnosis state. It is something that can happen under any circumstances so it is not a reason to stay away from hypnosis treatments.

For instance if a tape you were listening to came to an end or if the hypnotherapist exited the room and you no longer heard a voice then one of two things would happen. Your subconscious mind would realize that there is no longer a voice guiding the session and you would be brought back to conscious awareness.  Or you might just fall asleep and then wake up as naturally as if you were asleep in your bed.

Now there may be other reasons why hypnosis may not work for your problem or goal, but a certified hypnotist is trained to recognize these conditions and suggest other alternatives for you.


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