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Hydrotherapy is a type of alternative therapy that uses the movement and temperature of water to help heal what ails a person.

If you have never heard of hydrotherapy then you are in good company. This is one of those natural treatments that has been around for awhile but does not always get the attention it deserves. While hydrotherapy does not have the long history of other disciplines such as acupuncture, meditation or yoga, it can offer much to those looking to reduce stress in their lives. It is also beneficial for reducing discomfort related to any number of health problems. Hydrotherapy is also commonly used to help individuals heal after they have undergone a surgical procedure.

Hydrotherapy is a kind of water therapy that developed out of the Popular Health Movement that was started by Frances Wright in the year 1830. It has been a very popular alternative treatment option in Europe for many years but is making progress in North America as more and more people recognize its value in terms of promoting better health.

What Conditions can Hydrotherapy Treat?

Hydrotherapy can be used to treat a variety of ailments and disorders. In particular it has shown success and relief for those who suffer from:

• Back problems
• Neck problems
• Knee injuries
• Asthma
• Arthritis
• Hypothermia
• Pulmonary disease
• Swollen ankles
• Varicose veins
• Various work-related injuries

In the United Kingdom hydrotherapy is routinely used for pregnant women who are ready to give birth. It is a highly recommended method of treatment for women who have a low obstetric risk of suffering from complications.

Uses of Hydrotherapy in the Modern World

As a therapeutic tool for healing, hydrotherapy is used in a variety of circumstances and settings in the modern world. It is often to be found in clinical settings but is also a common and welcome element to many health and wellness spas because it encourages relaxation and peace for the body and the mind. Water can work wonders in terms of ridding the body and mind of an accumulation of stress.

The methods in which hydrotherapy is used are many. Hydrotherapy can take the form of steam baths, whirlpool soakings, hot or cold compresses, icing sprains and colonic irrigation. It can also take the form of water douches that can be used to bring relief to the back, neck, chest, arms or knees. Hydrotherapy can take the form of a sitz bath that will allow the lower half of the body to be completely submerged in water for therapeutic purposes. Footbaths and vapor baths are also forms of water therapy that offer relief.

Hydrotherapy does not have to be a fancy or expensive form of alternative therapy. In fact it does not even have to take you away from the comfort of your own home! Relaxing in the bathtub at home or taking a shower can provide stress relief and healing to the body. Hydrotherapy is a therapy that taps into the mind body connection and can help you on many different levels. In that way it is a versatile type of natural therapy.

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