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You love furry felines but oh how they cause you to suffer because of the allergies you have to them! What are you to do?

Suffering from an allergy to cats does not mean that you must deny yourself the pleasure of having a cat. Allergies to cats are quite common but coexisting with a feline friend is possible if you take the appropriate steps to control cat dander.

Steps to Take:

Before you try anything you may wish to speak with your physician or an allergist about animal allergies and what you can use to cope with cat symptoms. Sometimes a person believes that they have pet allergies when really there is something else to blame. For that reason talking to your health care professional about a potential allergy to cats is a wise place to start.

If you do decide that you cannot live without a cat then ask the vet if it is possible to purchase a spray for your cat’s coat that will reduce the amount of dander. If you are not clear about what dander is then here is a simple definition – it is the very small flakes of dried saliva that can be found on the skin of cats that lead to allergy symptoms.

Look into holistic remedies for reducing pet symptoms related to cat allergies. Ask others for treatment suggestions.

A weekly bath for your cat will minimize dander. Recruit a loved one who is allergy-free or a close friend to do this chore for you. Be aware however that unlike dogs most felines do not enjoy baths. Brushing your cat on a daily basis can also be of help. Perhaps you can get the same individual to help you with this task.

Other Steps to Take:

Buy an air purifier for your home. At the same time you should invest in a vacuum cleaner that comes with a Hepa filter. Vacuum your floors as often as possible. Wiping down floors on a regular basis is also strongly recommended for allergy sufferers.

Curtains and drapes can collect dander and fur very easily. If you have either in your home then replace them with blinds. The same can be said about carpeting and any rugs you may have. Tile floors and hardwood floors are not only easier to clean but they are also better for those who are allergic to cats.

Keep your cat out of your bedroom if at all possible. This will help to keep you allergy free if you are presently on the borderline of developing a cat allergy. Don’t give into those big beautiful eyes when they stare at you and want to hop on your bed when it is lights out at the end of the night.   If you are not a cat owner yet but want very much to be then select a short haired cat as opposed to a long haired one. Short haired kitties have a smaller percentage of dander.


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