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Acupuncture is an ancient form of healing that has been shown to be most effective for those who suffer from chronic pain.

Chronic pain is pain that persists and/or continues to progress over a lengthy span of time. Chronic pain is a part of many diseases and takes not just a physical toll on the sufferer but often an emotional one as well that is also felt by those who are closest to the person.

Treatment Plan for Chronic Pain

Due to the nature of chronic pain, doctors work to find a treatment plan that will provide the most therapeutic benefits. Often the best treatment plan is one that combines a variety of approaches. In other words, a fusion of conventional Western medicine coupled with alternative therapies. Acupuncture is a common type of therapy for chronic pain because studies have borne out its effectiveness.

It is important to stop for a moment and clarify a point- acupuncture is not a cure for chronic pain. As well, it is generally not as effective when used on its own but works better when it is paired with other therapies.

Acupuncture Eases Pain

Instead, acupuncture is meant as a natural way to help ease pain and suffering in order that the person is able to go about their daily activities and live a higher quality of life.  Bear in mind that not everyone who undergoes acupuncture treatments will experience the same responses and/or results. Everyone is very different in this respect.

The true worth of the practice of acupuncture is catching on in this part of the world as evidenced by this- the World Health Organization has chosen to endorse acupuncture as a viable form of treatment for more than 40 different types of medical conditions. Chronic pain is included here.

Acupuncture to the Rescue for Chronic Pain Sufferers

In particular acupuncture has been shown to help chronic pain sufferers who live with the following conditions:

• Osteoarthritis
• Fibromyalgia (and soft-tissue pain)
• Neck pain
• Lower back pain
• Pelvic pain
• Migraine headaches
• Tennis elbow
• Pain following surgery

Acupuncture does not look at a disease per se or even the symptoms of it but instead looks at the individual as a whole and works from there. A trained acupuncturist will also consider other relevant aspects of health for the individual such as the role that the mind-body connection plays.

How Many Treatments are Necessary?

The number of treatments you will require is dependent on the type of condition you suffer from as well as how you respond to your first acupuncture treatment. It is rare that one treatment will be enough to help you.

In most cases you will probably need to have several treatments over the course of a number of weeks or months before you begin to notice positive changes in your body. If you have suffered from a condition for many years, such as in the case of a person with osteoarthritis, you are well advised to employ acupuncture on a long-term basis for optimum results.

One of the greatest benefits of acupuncture for chronic pain is that no drugs are used to reduce pain. As well, it is a safe practice that has no known side effects. Patients often describe a feeling of total relaxation after they have finished having a treatment.

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