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Living a chemical free life can heighten your senses and it can make the experience of living that much better.

A sound body and a mind that is clear and calm can give rise to the ability to think better, feel more and be more alive in every way. It can also make it possible for the spirit to become more evolved and enriched. No matter how you look at it, chemical free living can improve anyone’s life.

What is Happening in Your Kitchen?

Next time you go into your kitchen to cook a meal take a look at what you are working with. Environmentalists caution that non-stick pans are bad because the chemical used to bond the non-stick coating, known as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), is hazardous to health and has been linked to cancer, high cholesterol and birth defects in infants. Sometimes referred to as C-8, many people who cook with these pans end up eating the coating with their food because it becomes mixed in as the cooking process takes place.

Non-stick cookware may be easier to clean but just think about what it is doing to your insides! The alternative is to buy cast-iron cookware, ceramic or steel. Living a chemical free life involves making changes that can improve your health and well-being in every way possible – this is one of them.

Microwaves are very convenient for today’s busy and on-the-go lifestyles but you have to be very careful what you heat up in them. Never place Styrofoam cups or plates in a microwave because the chemicals they are made up of are then released into the food you are heating up. Styrofoam contains CFC’s and polystyrene which are both chemicals that are dangerous for the body. These chemicals have been shown to cause breast cancer in women and prostrate cancer in men. Better yet give up using Styrofoam all together. It is not good for anyone – whether it is heated or not.

If you use plastic baby bottles then steer clear of the microwave when the milk needs to be warmed up. There is a chemical called polycarbonate in plastic baby bottles that is bad news for your infant and can do him or her harm. Instead heat the milk on the stove in a saucepan or in a glass or ceramic container.

Heating anything plastic in the microwave is not recommended for anyone as chemicals are released that can find their way into the body when the food or beverage is consumed. Look for microwave safe dishes that are made of chemical free materials when it comes to heating up food or making a cup of coffee or tea. Continue to use your microwave if your lifestyle deems it necessary but be smart about it … and always think chemical free.

Suggestions for Living Chemical Free

You do not have to turn your whole world upside down in order to live chemical free. All it involves is some modifications to the way you already live. In fact you are probably already doing some things right such as drinking plenty of purified water and eating whole grain bread instead of white bread.

Here are some other suggestions to get you started down the chemical free path to better health:

•    Keep plants in your home and especially in the room where you work
•    Open windows regularly to let in fresh air
•    Use full spectrum light bulbs or natural sunlight when you are working
•    Drink herb tea throughout the day
•    Eat chemical free and pesticide free organic foods
•    Eat free-range meats and dairy products that contain no hormones
•    Use unheated extra virgin olive oil on foods as opposed to butter or margarine
•    Wear natural fibers such as cotton, wool, linen and silk
•    Take B vitamins when energy is reduced and stress is plentiful
•    Practice yoga and meditation

There are so many things you can do to transform your life and make it better for yourself and your family. Start thinking chemical free and let it reflect in how you live your life!

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A chemical free life is a life where the potential for your health is almost limitless.

A life without drugs and harmful chemicals in the body is one that can be richly lived. Living chemical free means you will be healthier, you will be well nourished body and soul and you will have lots of energy, vitality and hope for the future.

What Does it Mean to Live Chemical Free?

Living a chemical free life means that you embrace a healthier and more organic approach to life. You look for as many ways as possible to omit chemicals from your life. This can be a challenge to do in the world we live in but with much dedication and effort it can be accomplished a little bit at a time. The important thing is to stick to your guns and do not falter from your mission to live as chemical free as you possibly can!

To start, bid farewell to many of the products you use on a regular basis in your home and at work. For your lawn and garden, say goodbye to pesticides, insecticides and snail pellets and say hello to garlic spray, chili powder and plants that repel bugs and snails as opposed to attracting them.

Buy homegrown, organic fruits and vegetables, preferably from local markets. Organic produce is not sprayed with any type of harmful pesticides or fertilizers which is good news for those who purchase them. They may cost a little more but they are chemical free and in turn, much better for your health!

When you clean your home, toss out all of the hazardous products that are made with harsh ingredients and chemicals. Replace them with milder products that will not hurt you, your family or the environment. Some examples of chemical free cleaning products include plain old fashioned white vinegar, essential oils (that you can buy or make yourself) and bicarbonate of soda (in other words, baking soda).

Check your bathroom, bedroom and even the drawer in your desk at work where you keep personal hygiene and beauty items. You will cringe when you read what ingredients are in these products. Once you start to do your research on the ingredient listed, you will cringe even more! Living a chemical free life is not just about what you put into your body but also about what you do to it in terms of grooming. From now on read all labels carefully and buy only plant-based organic products. While this was once unheard of more and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of producing chemical free products that will not do anyone any harm.

Look for shampoos, conditions, moisturizers, lotions, toners, soaps, deodorants, creams, oils, and cosmetic products that are not tested on animals and come from plants. If you cannot find these products in the regular department stores where you stop then visit a health food store for what you need.

Did you know that an insect will die every bit as quickly if doused with deodorant as if it was sprayed with bug spray? It will. Both are full of chemicals and both kill. You get the point.

Read on for more information about how to live a chemical free life in part two of this special story.


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