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Massage is not only a relaxing way to unwind but it can also be a way to share the power of touch with your mate.

If the two of you have had an equally difficult day at work or if the kids have not given you a moment’s peace all day then a sensual massage can be equally beneficial and satisfying for both of you.

A sensual massage is a full body massage that not only helps to release tension in the body but it stills the mind and it stimulates the senses. It evolved out of the Taoist tradition and is good for the health of both males and females. Also sometimes referred to as an erotic massage, this form of massage is all about closeness and intimacy. It can serve as an excellent means of drawing lovers closer together because the power of touch is strong and undeniable.

This type of massage should be learned by both partners and they should take turns. Here we will look at how you should set the scene for a sensual massage. It should never be hurried as that defeats the purpose of it! Relaxing and releasing stress from the system is a process that needs attention and time.

Before starting it is wise to take a bath or shower as this helps to relax the individual both mentally and physically and it also raises body temperature which is what you want. This can lend itself to a sensual awakening and can enliven the senses. A soothing soak in the tub will open up your pores and it is an excellent way to prepare for the all over body experience that is to come.

The individual giving the massage should gather all supplies together first and then should set the scene.

You do not want anything to interrupt the massage. What you want to strive for is ambiance, tranquility, sensuality and a soothing calm. Dim the lights in the room and light some aromatherapy candles. Select ones that have a soft scent that is appealing to the receiver of the massage. If you would like to add some music then choose something calming to both of you.

The massage can take place on a bed, table, couch or the floor. Choose a comfortable spot and make sure that the giver of the massage can reach the recipient from every angle. Easy accessibility matters as does having space to move around in.

You want the room to be warm before you begin and you also want the massage oil to be warm. You can heat up the oil in the microwave if you like or sit it in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. What you want is a tepid or warm temperature, not a burning hot one.

Strategy is important.

Plan your massage moves before you actually lay your hands on the other individual. It is recommended that you start with the back, then move to the shoulders, arms, hands, buttocks, legs and then feet. Once the person is sufficiently relaxed and enjoying the sensualness of the experience, turn them over and begin with a gentle face and scalp rub, then move down to the front of the legs, the tops of the feet and finally the abdomen, chest and genitals.

You can change the order if you like, whatever is comfortable for both parties but do not forget any part of the body. Just remember that the massage is a shared experience of relaxation and should be mutually satisfying to both people.


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