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When you hear about a person who is celebrating their 100th  birthday do you think to yourself – congratulations to them, quickly followed by, how did they do it?  It is not as difficult as you might think. For those of you wishing to live to see your 100th birthday or beyond, we have some tips to help you in your pursuit of lengthened longevity.

People who were born 100 years ago would typically live to 50 years of age (which was considered a ripe old age back then). Oh how things have changed! Our expected life span has grown tremendously over the past century. Babies who entered the world this year are expected to live to the age of 80 and beyond.

A study of centenarians has revealed some general guidelines that can be followed by anyone to extend their life expectancy. These guidelines can be put to use, regardless of how old you are at present.

1. Enter the world as a female. Sorry, guys this one is not your fault! For centuries women have been outliving men. Just look at how many more elderly ladies there are in society as opposed to elderly gentlemen! Why this is the case is something that researchers have theorized about but nothing conclusively has ever been proven. But there is still hope for you guys, read on.

2.. Get married and stay that way. Studies have shown that marriage positively correlates with a longer life span. Perhaps it has to do with forging a connection with a lifelong partner and knowing that there is always someone in your corner. Married people live longer than their single counterparts. This is particularly true for men. Men live an estimated 10 years longer while for women it is four years.

3. Eat less food. Research has shown that consuming less food on a regular basis can extend your life expectancy. By how much is not known.

4. Ease up on refined sugar. Eating excessive amounts of refined sugar can speed up the aging process. Pay attention to what you eat and read product labels carefully. If it says “refined” on the label, pass on it.

5. Reduce your salt intake. Too much salt can overtax the heart and the kidneys. The body must work harder to filter it through your system. Do not add salt to food for flavoring, experiment with herbs and spices instead. Steer clear of food items that are high in salt content.

6. Eat protein in moderation. Your body needs protein every day but ingesting too much of it will overstress your body and reduce your ability to fend off illnesses and various diseases. Be cognizant of how much protein you take in.

7. Be physically active. Get your body moving on a regular basis! Your body was not meant to take on the couch potato status. Exercise often. You do not need to put down a lot of money on a gym membership. Taking a brisk walk for 20 to 30 minutes a day will improve your circulation, metabolism and emotional well-being. It will improve your mood, allow for restful sleep and has the ability to add years to your life.

8. Have sex. Having sex on a regular basis increases endorphin production in your brain. It can make you feel better, look better and live longer! It also can help to keep the bond with your significant other strong. Go ahead – indulge!

Living to see the number “100” on your birthday cake can happen if you do the simple things needed to increase your life span. Take it from those who have lived to see it come true!


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