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If you are looking for a new and natural means of moisturizing your skin and making it feel better then reach for some bath oil beads.

Bath oil beads offer a delightful and relaxing bath experience. You only need to add a few to your bath to reap the benefits to your skin and to enjoy how it will invigorate your senses, not to mention how it will help your mental health. Bath beads are blended with emollients and bath oils that pamper your skin and offer benefits that enhance your circulation.

Bath Oil Beads for Bathroom Decor:

Bath oil beads or simply bath beads are an ideal addition to the décor of any bathroom. They come in all different shapes, sizes and colors and are very pretty to behold. Many also come in fragrant scents such as honey, lavender, peach, strawberry, rainforest and rosemary. They are a bathtub accessory that makes a perfect gift for the lady who enjoys soaking her troubles away at the end of the day in her bathtub. The essential oils that make up bath beads are not just attractive but they are also good for the skin.

They refresh and rejuvenate the skin and make it softer and more touchable. With bath oil beads you can moisturize your skin before you even get out of the tub.

If you like the luxury of a spa experience at home then bath beads, bath salts or bath oils can heighten and add to the experience. You can shop around to find the bath oil beads that are well suited to your tastes. Display them in a decorative basket or container in your bathroom. When you are ready for a bath then pick one or two beads from the collection as a small amount of the oil inside the beads goes a long way in improving the appearance and feel of your skin.

Benefits of Bath Oil Beads:

Bath oil beads are not expensive to buy which makes them affordable for everyone. The revitalizing and soothing effects of bath beads are not a new concept by any means but have been documented for 100’s of years. The essential oils found in bath beads not only moisturize the skin but they also renew the spirit and can refresh your energy levels. They are a form of aromatherapy.

The oils that make up bath beads help to keep moisture locked in which means that the skin remains well hydrated. Hydration not only keeps skin supple and smooth but it also helps to keep bacteria outside of the skin because it acts as a barrier to harmful substances.

The benefits of bath oil beads are such that they are responsible for alleviating a variety of both physical as well as mental conditions. These conditions include dry skin, eczema, high blood pressure, stress, skin irritation, fatigue, tense muscles and poor circulation.


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Aromatherapy has been around for centuries and can help your health in so many different areas. Lavender and roses are sure to please your senses in many scentsentational ways!

Lavender and roses are both fragrant scents used frequently for the purposes of aromatherapy.  Aromatherapy offers an alternative means of treating many physical and psychological health problems. Both lavender and roses can be used in this natural form of alternative treatment whereby the aromas of essential oils from plants can offer a sense of comfort and relief. Those who decide to give aromatherapy a try can enjoy the many benefits of lavender and roses through having a therapeutic massage or by inhaling the essential oils.

Benefits of Lavender:

Lavender gives off a beautiful scent that is not overwhelming to the senses. Before you use the lavender fragrance in an essential oil you may wish to research different types of lavender such as lavender roses and blue lavender. The mauve color of lavender is very lovely. Finding out the color meanings may encourage you to use lavender to provide relief from anxiety and nights spent tossing and turning.

The essential oil from lavender can help those who suffer from anxiety, depression, emotional stress, dementia and headaches. It can also be used to relax muscles that have grown tense. Use it for muscle pain, joint pain, sprains, back aches, lumbago and rheumatoid arthritis. Dried lavender can be used to make the essential oil and then it can be applied to the area on your body that is suffering from aches and pains.

Lavender is also very therapeutic for the hair and the skin. It can be effectively used to cleanse the hair and the scalp and to encourage the growth of new hair. It can also be used to treat skin problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. Lavender essential oil can be used for fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. The oil from the lavender plant has antiseptic properties and can be used on burns, cuts and sunburns.

Benefits of Roses:

There are different rose color meanings which can be fun to research. For instance the meaning of white roses is different than that of yellow roses or of pink roses. Find out about the meaning of roses before you decide to use them in aromatherapy practices.

Dried roses can be used to make essential oils. There is an assortment of rose plants to choose from for this purpose. The most common ones used are Rosa damascene and Rosa centifolia.

Rose is most often used in massage to improve blood circulation and to improve the function of the glands and muscles. It can reinvigorate the nervous system and calm the mind. The essential oil of rose can also give the skin an invigorated look. It can also provide relief from menstrual cramps and body aches.


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